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Premature Alarm Symptoms of Weakened Liver Performance

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The liver is part of the body that has a fundamental role in the organism, as it is responsible for not less than 400 functions, some of which entail eliminating toxic substances from the body.  One of its main functions entails transformation of liver toxin into waste which will be removed from the body.

In other words, it has an essential role in preserving your health.

Nevertheless, the liver will execute its functions without any obstacles if your diet consists of eating the essential nutrients that promote your health, otherwise its function weakens, and as a result, toxins will start building up in the body.

The process of expelling toxic substances from the body occurs in two stages. During the first stage, enzymes are used to transform toxic substances into partially-processed toxins that would undergo additional detoxification in the following stage. During the second stage, a set of toxic substances from other molecules are used to increase the ability of the partially-processed toxins to dissolve in water so that they can be removed from the body in a safe way.

In addition to eating nutritious food and living a stress-free life, you would also have to apply articles from the personal care industry and hygiene articles that are nontoxic. Toxins can be found in our environment: in air, water, synthetic materials, earth, and so forth.

As mentioned previously, in cases when the function of the liver is weakened or does not perform as it should, it would be difficult to eliminate toxins from the body, which in turn get stored in the lipocytes of your body. Consequently, the increased body fat leads to obesity.

For this reason, it is of crucial importance to trigger the liver’s performance so that it can function appropriately.

Firstly you have to gather information of the signs indicative of weakened function of your liver, and of its function – eliminating toxic substances:

Negative emotions

  • hormone imbalance
  • unresponsiveness/fatigue
  • headache/eye pain
  • muscle and joint pain
  • uncontrolled sweating
  • unintentionally gaining weight
  • chronic exhaustion
  • stomach pain and bloating
  • bad breath (halitosis)
  • sensitivity to chemicals
  • gallstones
  • allergy
  • low mood (depression)
  • acne and skin problems

In case you gain awareness that you have some of the aforementioned signs, your task would be to trigger the function of the liver so that it can remove harmful toxic substances. You can revive its function by practicing the following pieces of advice:

Consuming a healthy and nutritious food

  • stop eating refined sugar
  • limit your use of fructose (20-25 grams per day.)
  • stop eating GMO foods and consume organic foods
  • consume food rich in sulphur (red onion)
  • limit or avoid altogether the alcohol intake
  • consume large quantities of green leafy vegetables
  • eat a greater amount of healthy fats
  • eat sufficient amount of fiber
Increase the intake of clean water
  • Turmeric – Its essential component, cumin, reduces inflammation. Moreover, it is very beneficial for your well-being. For e.g. it helps enzymes have the function of preventing the manifestation of carcinogenic toxins in your body. As a result of its capacity to be an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it serves as an additional protection of the liver from impairment and helps regenerating the damaged cells. Bear in mind that it is absorbed in combination with black pepper.
  • Milk thistle – Its essential component has powerful antioxidatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and antifibrotic effects, which prevents harm to the liver as a result of toxins, viruses, drugs and alcohol.
  • Artichoke – a high-fiber food which defends and increases the performance if the liver and fortifies the creation of bile. In addition, it decreases cholesterol.

Source: alterhealthcare.com

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